Educator. Economist. Innovator.

My name is Ronnie Chatterji and I am running to be your next State Treasurer. During these challenging times, I want to put what I know to work for you. I have a plan to get people back to work, help small businesses recover, and improve healthcare and education for all North Carolinians.  

The Treasurer protects North Carolina’s pension investments, manages the state employee health plan, and approves municipal and state bonds. I am uniquely qualified to handle the diverse responsibilities of this office and deliver results for North Carolina families. As a White House adviser, I led a team of economists and financial analysts to bring jobs back after the Great Recession. I serve on two statewide commissions to craft investment strategies for small businesses and transportation infrastructure. As a business school professor, I have mentored countless entrepreneurs and developed deep expertise in healthcare and responsible investing. 

We need a treasurer who can get down to business, analyze data, and deliver results.

I believe North Carolina’s next Treasurer should be a leader on the issues that matter most. We need to defeat this pandemic and bring back our economy stronger than ever. We can invest responsibly in companies that expand employment opportunities across our state. We can lead the fight to protect our environment and increase equity. We can expand access to financial services for all North Carolinians. We can make our healthcare system a model for the nation. The Treasurer can do so much for our state and I am ready to get to work. 

North Carolina needs a principled and experienced Treasurer with the skills to manage our state's finances and health care system. I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I work to protect our financial future and ensure all North Carolinians get the opportunities they deserve.

I believe that together, we can chart a course for a brighter future for North Carolina.


1.  Ronnie and his family are proud residents of Durham.​


2.  Ronnie is an economist and professor of business and public policy at Duke University.

3.  Ronnie advised President Obama as a senior economist in the White House Council of Economic Advisers. His policy work led to tax cuts for small businesses and job creation. 

4.  Ronnie advocates for smart investments as a member of Governor Cooper’s Entrepreneurial Council and the NC FIRST Commission.

5.  Ronnie is the son of two public school educators and is passionate about teaching and learning. He taught an entrepreneurship class in Durham Public Schools and served on the board of Durham’s Communities in Schools.

6.  Ronnie's most recent book, “Can Business Save the Earth?” explains how business leaders, investors, and policymakers can collaborate to build a more sustainable world.

7.  Ronnie understands health care. He teaches business leaders and physicians how to bring new medical technologies to market.

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